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Basic Information

Casting operator
Number:4 person Department:Foundry Section Salary: 3500 yuan/month Edurequire:Junior high school and above Experience:More than 1 year working experience in the factory Work place:Hefei


1. According to company standards for production operations;
2. To complete the team to develop the task of production;
3. According to the team requirements for 5S activities;
4. The squad leader arranged other work;

Job requirements

1. 18-35 years old;
2. Junior high school or higher;
3. Have experience in production;
4. Good health and hard work;


Health checkup, travel, paid vacation, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts and other benefits;
Entered the month to pay social security and the next month to pay the provident fund, according to the wage standard as the base;

Online application

years yuan/month
Registration form

Please fill in the resume after download it, and send it into the Human Resources Department of Ahresty :