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General Manager's Message - Ahresty
Hirofumi Kondo General manager

General Manager's Message

Founded in China in August 2010, Hefei Ahresty Casting Co., Ltd. is the second legal company incorporated by Ahresty Group in China in a bid to make contributions to the development of the automobile industry and society by manufacturing and selling light-weight, high-performance and recoverable aluminum die castings.

Today, it is an increasingly popular trend to reduceCO₂emission and environmental load. With the rapid popularization of vehicles, the requirements on high performance and safety of vehicles increasingly grow, while the demands for non-magnetic, high-precision and light-weight aluminum materials increase as the semiconductor and LCD industries develop gradually. In such case, the society imposes higher expectations on the development of aluminum die castings, which brings the practitioners extremely important missions.

Therefore, our company always adheres to the RST Way Code of Conducts of “Conscientious, Proactive, Speedy, Learning and Challenge” to better feedback customers with superior products and thoughtful services.